Cowardice, plain and simple

Rep. Scott Rigell (R–Virginia) reports that as of a few minutes ago his letter urging President Obama to consult Congress before launching an attack on Syria is “Inching…toward…100… 81 Republicans and 16 Democrats have signed on to our letter so far…”

This disgusts me. The passivity of it disgusts me.

Congress should not send a letter asking the President to consult Congress before taking America to war. Congress should tell the President flatly that unless he comes to the Capitol building and gives a convincing rationale for attacking a nation-state that is not a direct, immediate threat to the United States of America, that they will not fund it. Period. They are the branch of government that declares war, not the Executive. If they think military action is warranted, then they need to own it. Not cravenly sit by bitching about being ‘consulted’ on the matter of STARTING A WAR.

For all the talk of their fealty to the letter of the constitution and all the rhetoric about Obama being a dictator, they sure do seem content to sit back and try and distance themselves from STARTING A WAR and the resultant killing that follows.

They are opportunistic cowards who will try and utilize the decision to START A WAR to further advance their careers or bring down the careers of those on the other side.

As I said, disgusting. But typical of Congress these days.


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