Nerd News Roundup

Star Wars

So, there are rumors that the title of the film will be A New Dawn, as a throwback to Episode 4’s A New Hope. It wouldn’t be the first call back to the original trilogy, with Episode 3’s title: Revenge of the Sith being a call back to Return of the Jedi (which was briefly named Revenge of the Jedi during its production before it was changed, presumably because Jedi aren’t about revenge.)

And Benedict Cumberbatch is issuing a non-denial denial about the rumors that he’ll be involved basically saying that he’d love to do it, but there have been no official signings or offers beyond the original trilogy cast.

As always, take it all with a grain of salt.

Star Trek

I liked Star Trek Into Darkness. I thought it was a good action sci-fi movie, I thought Cumberbatch did a good turn as Khan making the villain relatable. I was annoyed by the outright lying of the promotional folks telling us that Khan wasn’t in it. And Spock yelling Khan was a bit silly. But overall I count it as a movie right in the middle of the pack. And arguably, until Melllvar nerdrages out and destroys every copy of Star Trek V from the face of the Earth, anyone saying it’s the worst Star Trek movie is being hyperbolic.

That said, handy tip to all screenwriters out there handling beloved nerd franchises… you should probably just avoid reading the Internet. Ever.

This guy didn’t. Don’t be him.

Video Games

Crossing nerd news with politics, Blizzard Entertainment is hiring a lobbyist firm to get their input in on a bill that would commission a study on violence in video games and its effects on children.

Considering the hundreds of millions of dollars put into video games and the billions that are paid for them, it’s a lucrative question and you can see why the industry is getting political.

For the record, I grew up watching a lot of Tom and Jerry and Looney Tunes and I have yet to drop a single anvil on anyone.


No, not an homage to the MMA fighter, but a new movie based on the arcade classic which featured three humans mutated into King Kong, Godzilla, and… a giant Werewolf… okay…  running about wrecking America city by city while being attacked by the military. Also, you could eat people to get health back. And you could eat your partners if they took enough damage in their monster form and reverted to being human.

According to THR the studio is aiming to make another “smartly-budgeted monster movie in the vein and tone of Ghostbusters and Independence Day.”

If there ever was a movie that demanded the talents of Michael Bay, I think it’s this one.


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