Nerd News Roundup

JP4 or Jurassic World

So are you ready for more dinosaurs? Yeah… I couldn’t give a rat’s behind either, but Universal pictures continues to make this movie under the assumption that we’ve been dying for more CGI velociraptors in our lives. They’re going to release it June 12, 2015.

So yeah… there’s that.

Pirates of the Caribbean 5

Looks like this movie is getting pushed back to 2016 due to script issues. Come on, guys, crappy scripts didn’t stop you from releasing Pirates 2-4.

Terminator 5

Yet another sequel… it’s like there’s no creativity or originality in movies at all.

Alright, mates, this one is wild. So supposedly, in this sequel/reboot which will involve 66 year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Terminator that may or may not be Arnold or may or may not be The Rock, will go back in time even further to kill Sarah Connor’s parents in an attempt to win the war against the human resistance. This sounds exactly like every single other Terminator movie, but sure, whatever. Unnecessary sequels are unnecessary.

Even more bizarrely, there is a rumor that Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn will reprise their roles as Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese, despite Reese having died in the first Terminator movie and Sarah Connor having died off screen between T2 and T3 of cancer.

It’s all rumors, but if true, this sounds like even more of a train wreck than I could conceive.


Unlikely to happen, but proof that apparently everyone loves a Woobie.


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