Your responsible gun owner of the day

No, it’s not the latest isolated incident in which a man with a history of mental and legal problems (including shooting the tires of a vehicle while in a dispute with another man) was allowed to keep his guns which he then used to go and kill 13 people at a Naval Yard. Because it was, after all, just an isolated incident and we couldn’t possibly think of doing anything to impede the next otherwise law-abiding citizen from unlawfully exercising his constitutional rights all over our workplaces, schools, or shopping malls, because Freedom!

Well, except treat this situation as just another natural inevitable disaster that we have to prepare people for, as if it were just another act of God, like and earthquake, tornado, or hurricane.

No, this one involves a responsible, law-abiding gun owner who accidentally murdered a three year-old child.

LaPorte County Prosecutor Bob Szilagyi said Monday the boyfriend of the victim’s mother told investigators he forgot the handgun was loaded when playing a gun game with the boy…

Szilagyi said Grisham and the boy often played a game where the boy pointed his finger at Grisham and said, “bang, bang.”

Grisham would respond by pointing his gun at the boy and pulling the trigger.

Szilagyi said the investigation shows Grisham “this time forgot the chamber was loaded.”

One more sacrifice to Ares atop the pile we sent him yesterday. God bless America.

(h/t Charlie Pierce)


One thought on “Your responsible gun owner of the day

  1. ceruleanstarshine

    You don’t “forget” something like that.
    >.< People like this should not be allowed to have guns, since they obviously do not understand the basic #1 rule: ALWAYS TREAT IT LIKE ITS LOADED. Even if it isn't.

    Not to mention, the hundred other rules he ignored by having it out, in the house, with a toddler nearby, not safely secured, unloaded, locked with the safety on..the list could go on forever.



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