Nerd News Roundup

The Expendables 3

Dr. Frasier Crane is in talks to join the cast, which doesn’t fit in with the old action stars motif of the films at all. Kelsey Grammer sort of screams more ‘evil doctor’ or ‘evil CEO’ than mercenary, but since these movies are already over the top insane, why not?

Sadly, reports are that he’s taking the role originally meant for Nic Cage, which really is a shame as Nic Cage should be in every movie just being Nic Cage.

cage 1




Why yes, I would like a live weasel on a hot dog bun covered in mayo for lunch, why do you ask?

Why yes, I would like a live weasel on a hot dog bun covered in mayo for lunch, how did you guess?

Dante’s Inferno

Not an adaptation of the Italian poet’s work of a man being escorted through hell and seeing the state of the damned, but an adaptation of the video game in which Dante seeks to rescue the soul of a woman he loves by taking up a gigantic sword, jumping into the pits of hell and kicking the ass of everything he sees, which since what he sees are already dead, he shouldn’t be able to kill them and if he could, they should just reappear in hell again, but you know… video games.

The Evil Dead reboot/sequel director Fede Alvarez will, well, direct.

Video Games

Violent video games turn kids into heroes. I listed an example, therefore the generalization I drew from it must be true.

Or, you know, these were good kids (who would have tried to help the man anyway) who just happened to like violent video games too, but whatever.

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