“I’m not saying we wouldn’t get our hair mussed…”

And here we go…

WASHINGTON — Congressional efforts to raise the nation’s debt limit and reopen the shuttered federal government stalled Tuesday when the House of Representatives delayed a vote on its latest proposal as the threat of possible default loomed larger and a top bond rating agency warned of a possible downgrade for U.S. bonds.

What had appeared to be progress in budget talks stopped as House of Representatives Republicans insisted anew on their own plan, a plan that might again prove unacceptable to Senate Democrats or the White House. Then the House delayed any action.

In a shot from Wall Street at the dysfunction in the capital, the bond rating agency Fitch Ratings said late Tuesday that it would consider downgrading the AAA rating for U.S. government bonds. Fitch said it would look at the question as the debt fight was all but certain to extend into next year even with a short-term settlement now

As we once again approach fiscal disaster and a costly bond rating downgrade, I will continue to remind everyone that the people responsible for driving us off of that cliff are a group of about 50 hard right conservative Republicans in the House who are willing to risk destroying the economy to ensure that millions of Americans go without health care.

Vote in 2014 accordingly, please.


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