World Vision heads back to the closet

For those coming in late, World Vision earlier this week said that given the existence of gay people, Christian denominations that accept gay people as brothers and sisters in Christ, and gay marriage (some conducted in those denominations), that they would treat gay married employees like heterosexual married employees for the purpose of benefits.

After the Conservative Evangelical community freaked out, the organization has now decided that contrary to its earlier opinion, its gay employees don’t exist, gay Christians do not exist, gay marriage is back to being of the devil, and all denominations that accept it are filthy apostate heretics, and they fully recant, will perform the necessary penance, and promise never to challenge the conservative evangelical orthodoxy again.

A bit of hyperbole, but the whole thing is rather reminiscent of the tales from Medieval times when some soul would pipe up and wonder if perhaps the Pope might be wrong about something and would find himself in a heap of trouble with the Church and given a choice of recanting like a good Christian or dying like the devil-worshiping apostate he was.

In all of this, I think the most shocking thing about this isn’t that a Christian organization would try and acknowledge that some of its employees are gay and some are married and some belong to Protestant denominations that are okay with both of those.

I think the most shocking thing about this story is this:

“Heavy criticism from evangelicals may have prompted the reversal. Soon after its earlier groundbreaking decision, the Assemblies of God urged members to consider dropping their support.

The loss of child sponsorships may have also been at play.

Ryan Reed tweeted on Wednesday (March 26), “My wife works for WV. In today’s staff meeting Stearns announced that so far 2,000 kids dropped.”

Given a choice between the good World Vision does for the poor in the name of Jesus and their stance that accepting that not all Christians and denominations adhere to one viewpoint of gay people, there were enough Christians who chose purity of ideology over mercy to force the organization to reverse itself.

And that, is sad.


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