Unloading more personal baggage…

This is my second day of being a teetotaler or sobriety. I’m not sure which term to use, since I’m not sure the previous year of self-medication with alcohol for my anxiety and depression makes me an actual alcoholic who needs to go to meetings or a guy who realized that he was diving into some unhealthy behavior to mask untreated psychological problems and now that he realizes that is dedicated to making positive changes in his life. I

mean, I don’t have horror stories to share. Just that I went from a social drinker and someone who enjoyed a nice wine with a nice meal to someone drinking 2-6 drinks a night.

Anyway, special thanks to the doctor I saw in the hospital who was very patient and let me know that I probably wasn’t physically dependent and didn’t need to worry about the physiological effects of withdrawl if I quit cold turkey. I appreciate the peace of mind. And I definitely appreciate waking up with less anxiety and feeling dehydrated and stiff. Oh well. I’m in treatment now for the depression and anxiety so hopefully feeling happier and healthier will help me let go of something that was becoming a dangerous crutch.

So, there you go. If you wanted an insight into some of my character flaws, there’s a big one. But I feel better being honest about it.

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