My name is Stan! Stan!

And this happened:

In a clip posted online this week, a man appears to have walked in on an exorcism taking place outside a Starbucks in Austin, Texas.

“All your legions of poison – OUT!” the person leading the exorcism says to someone sitting in a chair, who convulses slightly as he appears to spit his legions of poison into a Starbucks cup.

As in any internet video, it could all be a hoax, though I’ve seen enough (and talked to enough) of my fellow Christians who literally see the devil in everything and believe that any temptation or moral weakness is evidence of demonic oppression instead of just a part of being a normal human being.

Besides I really like the idea of some schlub named Stan waiting for his latte only to have it written down (and called out) as Satan by the barista, and before he can even take a drink, he’s quickly accosted by a group of charismatic Christians trying to drive the prince of darkness out of the poor businessman who just wanted a damn low-fat carmel macchiato.

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