God doesn’t need human sacrifices


Let’s be clear about something.

God doesn’t ask you to kill people. God doesn’t demand that you kill people. God doesn’t want you to kill people.

Stop invoking the name or cause of God in your decision to destroy people created in his image.

I don’t care if they’re Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Baha’i,  Agnostic, or Atheist. They bear the image of God and it is blasphemous to destroy a human being no matter how much you wish to wrap your motives in the flag of God.

If your God is demanding that you kill in His name, it’s time to seek professional help or find a new God who won’t ask you to do His dirty work for him.

If the stories in various holy books have taught me anything, it’s that Almighty (by whatever name you want to call him) is perfectly capable of killing people He wants dead. He doesn’t need your damn help.


One thought on “God doesn’t need human sacrifices

  1. guestpeaker

    If people do have a god who is demanding, in this time and age, that people kill in his name, it’s not only time to seek professional help, they for sure do worship the wrong god and most surely not the God of gods, the Elohim Hashem Jehovah.
    So they should come to hear about the right True God, the Divine Creator and not a destroyer. It is one of the responsibilities true lovers of the Supreme Being have. The send ones from Him, like Abraham, Isaac, Moses, Isaiah, Jeshua (Jesus) all tried to make the people around them come to know the Only One God. They all also warned to get rid of those false gods and to come to honour only the One Most High Almighty Allah, the God of heaven and earth, Whose Holy Name should be come known all over the world as Jehovah.

    All religious Jews, Christians and Muslims also should worship the Only One God, and not like some Christians do worship three gods. They should also proof that their lifestyle is in accordance to the commandments of The God of gods. As such they should share the love of their God with all around them and showing them the Way to the God of Abraham.



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