More pious lies…

I’m convinced that the people who push this sort of nonsense really lack faith.

After all, if you were so convinced that Christianity was the Way, you wouldn’t need to push for constant validation from the state and you wouldn’t need to distort and lie about history in order to get schools to teach your form of Christian nationalism. You could simply teach what you believe at home and in your churches and be confident that your children can discern what is true among competing narratives presented to them.

I suspect their children are able to discern truth from falsehood and that’s what scares them.

Hence the constant chase of validation from the public schools and the never ending attempts to sneak creationism and ‘biblical values’ into curriculum.

So to clarify, here (in no particular order) are the types of government that the bible describes: anarchy, patriarchy, tribalism, theocratic, militaristic authoritarian, monarchy, and Imperial.

The government that the Mosaic law outlines and describes has no freedom to question or choose your leaders. Miriam is stricken with leprosy for wanting equality with Moses, Korah is incinerated for trying to usurp Moses and Aaron and his family is swallowed by the Earth, the Israelites are repeatedly plagued with calamities by God for questioning Moses. Women had very few rights and certainly no freedoms of which to speak. There were no votes. No elections. No representation. Moses spoke and claimed that God told him what everyone had to do and they did it or they were punished in brutal and, at times, barbaric ways.

Virtually the only thing about our founding documents that can be claimed as being inspired by Moses was the concept and enshrinement of slavery in the Constitution, so I suppose that if they wish to include in the history books a discussion of how Confederate traitors used the bible to justify the atrocity of chattel slavery and their subsequent treason, I’ll be okay with that.

Somehow I doubt that will happen.


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