What I’m listening to…

I used to listen to a radio at work, and then I used to have a smart phone with a radio in it that I would listen to, until I dropped it one too many times in the five years since I had it. (Off topic, but it’s been 3 months since I’ve been without a cell phone and I feel gloriously free. I still stare mindless at and drool in front of my laptop whenever possible, but that’s a different story…)

Anyway, I’ve been listening to more and more podcasts at work because I can download them on my lunch breaks or before work and don’t have to stream, and because I find some of them fascinating.

The one I’ll be happy to plug today involves two guys I went to school with and then bible college with, who have evolved over the ensuing years from evangelical Christianity to one becoming an agnostic and one becoming a Catholic (two positions I’ve very sympathetic with.)

Christian and Jason are refreshingly honest and engaging guys who have a familiarity that invites the listener into their conversation and catches their attention on topics that vary, but often touch upon religious themes and ideas.

I’d invite you all to go to download their podcast and check it out over at their site: Drunken Ex-Pastors or get it from iTunes.

And, if they happen to drop in and read this, I’ll add one more rule for bathroom etiquette: Never use a urinal right next to one that another guy is using. Doesn’t matter if all of the others are in use. Just don’t do it. Wait until another one frees up.


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