No… Just… no…

Oh, dear Lord, no…

Janay Rice says the elevator attack was all part of God’s plan — telling Matt Lauer she believes she and Ray were “chosen” to help bring awareness to domestic violence.

No. Just… no. It’s not.

Having your husband beat the shit out of you isn’t God’s plan for your life. It just means that your husband is an asshole with anger management issues and you should separate from him and get mutual and individual psychological therapy or divorce him if he refuses to do that or refuses to respect your boundaries and your body.

Cripes, lady, the church used to tell to go home to their husbands and try not to set him off too badly and try to take a punch like a good submissive wife because God hates divorce and it’s all a part of his plan. Do not perpetuate bad theology or try to justify your husband’s assholish behavior in Christianese.

Just get some help. And tell other women to do the same.


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