Is this still a thing? Seriously?

I confess a certain ignorance to my fellow Christians attempts to get Creationism into public schools or gain parity for a rather ancient creation mythology with a theory of origins that is supported by overwhelming evidence.

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit last week that alleges Kansas’ science standards violate the religious freedoms of students and parents and promote atheism.

The Next Generation Science Standards, which were adopted by the Kansas State Board of Education last year, include evolution and climate change as key scientific concepts that should be taught from kindergarten to 12th grade.

According to the Associated Press, Kansas board members believed that the standards will improve science education in the state with more of an emphasis on hands-on projects and experiments.

But last September, the group Citizens for Objective Public Education, joined by parents and other taxpayers, filed a lawsuit against the state education department and board.

The complaint alleges that the standards will cause Kansas public schools “to establish and endorse a nontheistic, religious worldview.” The complaint said students taught the standards-aligned curriculum will ask religious questions like “where do we come from,” and educators will be led by the standards to answer “with only materialistic/atheistic answers.”

Hmm… whose job is it to try and impart a more spiritual meaning and ethic to life? Hint: Not your kid’s science teacher.

Look, I plan on introducing my kids to God, the Bible, the gospel and the ideals of the kingdom of heaven. I also plan on making sure they get the best education they can get, including the latest science on origins and evolution. And I trust that if I’ve given them all of the facts and taught them how to think critically, then they’ll still find value and faith in our religion without having to take an allegorical account of our origins as fact.

Mostly, this entire post is an excuse for me to post a comment from someone I talked to once on this topic:

“Okay Moses, I’m going to explain to you how the world came to be. So, in the beginning, I caused a point of near-infinite mass to appear within the quantum foam.”

“Lord, I am but a small being and it is presumptuous of me to ask a question of you, but what is quantum foam, and what is infinity?”

“Moses, this doesn’t matter all that much, but since I am telling you the accurate way in which the world came to be, I will explain. The quantum foam is the underlying probabalistic state of the universe beneath the level of quarks and other subatomic particles.”

“Lord, I know I am but a small being, but allow me another question. What is an atom, and what is probability?”

“Moses. This… this doesn’t really matter. Okay. The atom is the fundamental building block of matter. All things you see about you are created of atoms. There are other things besides atoms, but… well, just say that they are made of atoms. That’s close enough. So, as I was saying, after I-”

“Lord, forgive my interruption, for I am but as dust beneath the soles of your shoes, but this concept of an atom. What does one look like? How shall I describe it?”

“I… Its a cloud, Moses. Like me. A cloud of electrons that surrounds the central nucleus like… like… like how the bird goes around its nest, or the earth goes around the sun.”

“Lord, I am as nothing before you. Did you say that the earth goes around the sun? How does that work?”

“That… that’s skipping ahead. That involves gravity which. No, Moses, don’t ask what gravity is. That’s complicated. I doubt anyone for millenia will even be able to comprehend what that might actually be. I… Okay, look. This isn’t working. I can’t explain all of the workings of the universe for you to put into your book. New plan. I’m going to tell you a story. An allegorical story about how I created the world in only six days, and what my relationship is to it and to humanity. I hope nobody centuries from now assumes that this is factual for some bizarre reason. Okay. Start writing. In the beginning…”


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