Having said that…

I’d also like to remind everyone that many of the same people now saying, “All Muslims are violent psychopaths…” are also the ones who strenuously scream, “NOT ALL GUN OWNERS…” when some random American psychopath shoots up a school, workplace, or movie theater.

I’m saying that they’re full of shit, is what I’m saying.

There are quite a few assholes out there using their religion as an excuse to gain power, money, fame, or because they honestly believe that their God needs their help and we should do everything we can to stop them without becoming monsters ourselves, but there are also many more who simply want to live their lives and practice their faith in peace and quiet.


4 thoughts on “Having said that…

  1. 3boxesofbs

    Just who are you listening to that says that?

    I’ve read a lot of gun blogs, talked to many gun owners, read much in the media — and I’m not seeing anyone claiming that after saying not all gun owners are .

    Sorry but sounds like a straw man argument.

    Bob S.


      1. 3boxesofbs

        Wow, let’s use media people who make money only when people are watching/reading them as representative of all gun owners.

        No thanks. My point is simple – let’s not make use the same language / debating points as the gun control crowd. Point out the jerks doing it and show how small of a part of the gun owners they really are.


      2. comradedread Post author

        Conservative media is the spokesman for the conservative movement. It’s funded by conservatives, marketed to conservatives and drives conservative thought (judging strictly from how many of those arguments are parroted back to me by the conservative friends I have that still try to win me back to the fold.)


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