The GOP defends measles because FREE-DUMB!!!!

Jesus Christ… save us from the stupid, please.

Apparently the GOP is now in favor of letting parents potentially inflict deadly disease upon their kids and upon other innocent people, because… fuck it all… freedom, of course!

See, you’re free to vaccinate your kids, but other parents should be free to not vaccinate their children and spread measles, mumps, whooping cough, and why the fuck not, polio too! Won’t that be fun to watch your kids get paralyzed in the name of your neighbor’s freedom to be an ignorant buffoon.

I suppose once you have completely rejected the idea of the common good because it might require something of you, then it’s only inevitable when you throw in your lot with selfish assholes who are willing to let their kids get seriously ill and turn into little biological weapons spreading life threatening diseases to others.

If I thought these sociopaths had the capacity for empathy or emotion, I’d wish them to be put on a flight and taken to a place where people are begging for vaccines to save their kids from these diseases that ravage communities in the third world.

God damn it. These people are going to kill people in the name of playing politics and internet stupidity.


One thought on “The GOP defends measles because FREE-DUMB!!!!

  1. miusho

    I have had the measles, just like my siblings. The good thing about that is.. You get most child illnesses only once. After that one time, you should be immune.
    I do think vaccinating is important though.



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