Junk Food Review: Jack in the Box Herb Butter Burger

Okay, full disclosure, I’d been drinking when I tried this. It’s the only way, I think, that I could convince my brain of two things: that eating at Jack in the Box right then was the best idea in the entire world ever and that eating an already unhealthy burger and adding a pat of herb butter was an even better idea.

Suffice to say, neither of those were true in the cold light of a new day and a fresh hangover.

The burger itself is served on a brioche bun which means it’s a bit denser than the standard sesame seed buns their fare usually comes on. To me, at least, it made the bun taste stale. The burger itself is juicy, has a vague butter taste, and well… you know… it’s just sort of a burger. It fills you up, you feel guilty, afterwards. It didn’t honestly taste all that different to me than their regular burgers. I mean, definitely not the amazing experience one might expect from adding delicious butter to junk food.

Next time, if I want a burger and a religious experience after a few glasses of wine, I’ll go for an In and Out Double Double Animal Style, in which you do literally see God when you eat it… and I suppose if you eat enough of them, you probably will see God sooner rather than later.


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