Mission accomplished, part the infinity

Thanks again to our former president and the warmongers he surrounded himself with for continuing news like this.

LONDON (AFP) – An Iraqi archbishop called for military action in his homeland in a speech to British lawmakers on Tuesday, and warned the Church of England’s general synod that Christianity in Iraq could become extinct.

“As a Catholic, I find it hard to say, but I want military action. There is no other way now,” Bashar Warda, the Archbishop of Erbil, was quoted by the BBC as telling parliamentarians on a visit to London.

Speaking to religious leaders later Tuesday, he said there was now a threat of the “extinction of Christianity as a religion and as a culture” in Iraq.

We did this. We unleashed hell without considering the consequences of doing so, and we did it for no damned good reason. This is something we should remember whenever the hawks beat the tribal drums of war for the next Hitler of the Week, as they are trying to do with Iran, Syria, and Russia.

There is no good answer to this problem. But we should start by opening our doors freely to these people and offer to pay to relocate them.

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