Fast Food review: Carl’s Jr. All Natural Burger

I remember when beef used to taste different.

Back in the late 70’s/early 80’s beef tasted differently. I didn’t realize that until I started buying the grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic free beef from the supermarket. The stuff tasted exactly like the kind of steak and hamburgers I used to remember as a kid.

So I was curious if the Carl’s Jr. All Natural burger would taste similar to the ones I’ve been making at home.

No. No, it doesn’t.

It tastes like a Carl’s Jr. burger.

Big surprise there, right?

To be fair, the burger might taste different, I couldn’t tell as my burger was currently being absorbed by a combination mayo/ketchup/mustard glob. Resistance was futile. It was assimilated.

Yum... said no one. Ever.

Yum… said no one. Ever.

The resulting HamBorger tasted like their less expensive Famous Star.  Save yourself the extra money.

Or better yet, go buy some of the expensive ground beef at the store and grill up some burgers at home. You’ll taste the difference.


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