Firing squad


After less than a minute of debate, the Senate gave final passage Tuesday to a controversial bill to reinstate the firing squad as an execution method.

The Senate voted 18-10 to pass HB11, and sent it to Gov. Gary Herbert for his signature. It earlier passed the House 39-34, with just one vote to spare after intense debate that focused mainly on whether to abolish the death penalty.

HB11 allows using a firing squad if the drug cocktail necessary for lethal injection is not available at least 30 days before a scheduled execution. Foreign manufacturers of the drugs used in lethal injection have worked to prevent their use in executions.

It may come as a surprise, but I support this. Oh, I’m completely against the death penalty at this point. It’s wasteful, flawed, and the legal system has put innocent men on death row and executed at least one of them.

But if America insists on reserving the right to kill its citizens, I’m all in favor of making it less sanitized and less detached.

I mean ideally, we’d give the prisoner enough Xanax to make him very relaxed, drag him out behind a shed and put two in the back of his skull. No clean needles. No dignity in death. Just brutal, visceral violence, preferably broadcast live on TV on the major networks.

Drag it out into the light.


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