Helping to put the mental into Fundamentalism.

Having been through various fundamentalist Christian schools and a college, I can say that this is pretty familiar to me. Granted, not all of the schools were this dysfunctional, but some were.

Which is why my kids are currently enrolled in public school.

I’d like them to know that they can believe in Jesus without having to live in a theocratic bubble run by Puritans scared of the world.

My favorite were still the Satanic Panic special assemblies we had in elementary school where we found out that all popular culture everywhere wasn’t just entertainment, but secret tools of Satan designed to corrupt us into worshipping the devil and being possessed by demons.

That didn’t leave any psychological scars at all. Nope. Not a one.

And yeah, my degree is unaccredited too. The institution was proud of it. Fortunately, I came of age in an era where knowing stuff about computers meant you could still get a decent paying job without a degree.


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