Bad theology creates a bad world view

As Michelle Bachman demonstrates for us:

“We in our lifetimes potentially could see Jesus Christ returning to earth and the rapture of the church,” Bachmann said. “We see the destruction, but this was a destruction that was foretold.”

Bachmann cited the Obama administration’s nuclear negotiations with Iran as a cause. The U.S. and five partner nations are discussing a deal with Iran that would prevent the country from developing or obtaining nuclear weapons.

“We are literally watching, month by month, the speed move up to a level we’ve never seen before with these events,” Bachmann said. “Barack Obama is intent. It is his number one goal to ensure that Iran has a nuclear weapon.”

Later in the interview, Bachmann again tied her rapture prediction to Obama’s foreign policy.

“If you look at the president’s rhetoric, and if you look at his actions, everything he has done has been to cut the legs out of Israel and lift up the agenda of radical Islam,” she said.

I realize that criticizing Bachmann is like shooting fish in a barrel, but what she says here isn’t different at all from what many evangelical Chrisitans believe.

In end times theology, the entire Middle East will band together with Russia to attack Israel. Why? Who knows? Maybe they all want falafel from Joe’s Falafel Shack in Tel Aviv. God will save them and destroy the attacking armies, and then the Antichrist will show up and forge a Middle East peace between Israel and everyone.

So you literally cannot trust anyone in the Middle East under this theology. Because no matter what they say, no matter what is in their own best interests as a country, they must be secretly plotting to destroy Israel at all times.

Coincidentally, any attempts to bring peace to the Middle East are either seen as futile or as part of the devil’s work in setting up the End Times and bringing about mass suffering during the so-called Great Tribulation.

Also, I suppose, it should be thrown in that many believers in this type of eschatology also believe in dispensationalism, and take God’s alleged promised to Abraham that He would bless those that bless him and curse those who curse him as applying to supporting anything that the Israeli government decides to do regardless of how immoral, self-defeating, or criminal it may be.

It wouldn’t be that bad, I suppose, except millions of people who have these views vote for one of our major political parties and these beliefs lead to bad foreign policy.


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