McDonald’s Egg White and Turkey Sausage Breakfast Bowl

I’ve been less than diligent about getting to the grocery store lately. Things have been busy. Especially on the weekends.

So I took the kids out for breakfast this morning before school. They got their usual pancakes and sausage, I was looking for something a bit healthier with lower carbs, and I noticed that, at least my McDonalds, was now offering breakfast bowls.

If there is one thing McDonalds does no how to do, it’s breakfast, so I took a shot and ordered their Egg White and Turkey Sausage bowl.

(They also offer a Chorizo and egg bowl, but for my personal taste, the only way I like chorizo is if it’s prepared with fried potatoes (not hash browns or home fries, real cut up deep fried potatoes) and served with a couple of sunny side eggs with molten runny yokes. Horrifically unhealthy, but pretty awesome. Your mileage may vary.)

It was surprisingly really good. Like really good. Like I would eat this every morning good.

At 230 calories, it’s pretty good for your diet as well.

It has egg whites, spinach, marinated tomatoes, shaved parmesean cheese, and turkey sausage. It’s a pretty flavorful combination. The portion size is enough and the turkey sausage provides a pretty filling anchor to the breakfast. After eating the bowl, I made a mistake helping my kids finish off their hash browns, and then found myself a bit uncomfortably full.  So in the future, I’ll probably eat it as is without anything else.

I don’t see the breakfast bowl on their website, so maybe it’s just a test run. If so, I hope they keep it. I’ll definitely be back trying it again.


3 thoughts on “McDonald’s Egg White and Turkey Sausage Breakfast Bowl

  1. Carmela

    Thank you 😊 I had it this morning ,I myself thought it’s a very satisfying breakfast .I love the flavor!but I forgot to check, how many calories? So I looked on line ,and read your comment ,your input put my mind at ease ;I too could eat this every day . Thank you for taking the time to comment !!!greatly appreciated!!!



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