How fucked up this country is…

You know, if the shooting in Texas had been an ordinary, run of the mill attempt to mass homicide at a mall, movie theater, company, or a KINDERGARTEN by a pair of lunatics with guns, it would be out of the news already.

But because someone has now breathed the magic word of terrorism, I fully predict the country to lose its collective shit and start hyper-fucking-ventilating about terrorism for the next few months.

Which I suspect is the murderous fucking cunts in ISIS’ point in claiming responsibility for it.

Edited to add that if you find yourself more offended by my language than by the fact that we tolerate mass shootings enough for them to be considered normal, then I think you’re part of the problem.

2 thoughts on “How fucked up this country is…

  1. 3boxesofbs

    Who tolerates mass shootings?
    Or are you just trying to provoke people who recognize the fact with liberty comes dangers and we will never been able to make our world completely safe?

    I find it a little hypocritical to be saying if it was a school shooting it would be out of the news when we still see reports on Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech and even Columbine routinely.

    Let me be clear; I think the media has an agenda and a bias toward sensationalizing violence — that is why stories about shooting get more attention. More people die in auto collisions — even mass casualty events then firearm related ones but those vehicle related ones quickly fade.

    Bob S.


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