In which Franklin Graham steps on a rake

If you’ve been watching TV and all lately, you might have come across a Wells Fargo commercial in which two women have decided to adopt a daughter who is deaf and they meet her and speak in sign language with her introducing themselves as her new mommies.

While some may find the spot heart warming and even commendable with its positive message about adopting children with special needs, Franklin Graham sees it a little differently:

He characterized the touching spot as just another example of “the tide of moral decay that is being crammed down our throats by big business, the media, and the gay & lesbian community,” and urged his flock to follow his lead by boycotting Wells Fargo.

Well, okay… I mean… wow… that’s certainly your right. But you do know that most companies these days not named Hobby Lobby are pretty cool with gay folks and have realized that the best way to compete is to attract a diverse workforce and customer base, right? And therefore it might be a bit difficult to find an institution that takes its business strategy from the book of Leviticus. (They also had a really strong objection to the ‘no usury’ bits.)

Apparently not.

As Brian Tashman at Right Wing Watch pointed out, it appears that if Graham wanted to distance his father’s money from those who support “The Homosexual Agenda,” he should have done a little more research.

In the past year, BB&T sponsored the Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade...


Nor is BB&T merely paying lip-service to the LGBT community. Earlier this year, the bank hosted a gay couple’s wedding reception in its South Beach branch.

Double Oops…

No doubt, he’ll have a good laugh, calm down, and live and let live… or you know… start the First Bank of Graham.

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