Kindle thoughts: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Chapters 1-3

So I got a Kindle for Christmas and have been getting into the swing of using it lately, so I thought I’d start posting my thoughts as I go through various books in the library.

I never read the Harry Potter books, so this is my first time through, and while I realize I am probably 20 years late, here are some thoughts from starting book 2 in the series.

• It was a pretty dick move to dump Harry with an abusive hateful family. Kid might have had a better childhood if Hagrid had taken him and accidentally left him to be raised by wolves.
• So you can’t use magic in the real world without getting expelled from Hogwarts. It would be interesting to see if there are any partially trained wizards or witches out there in the world using their gifts for an advantage in life.
• After orchestrating an escape for Mr. Potter from the room his ‘family’ locked him in, you would think that someone would call Child Services or the Police to come and kindly have a word with them and cart them off to jail.
• And everyone is cool with slavery of elves, huh? Okay…
• They know that his Aunt and Uncle were starving him and still don’t call the police and he’s still expected to go back to that abusive situation next summer. Good Lord, what the hell is wrong with these people?
• Harry has his own little red-haired girl. Good grief.
• Given that I’m 20 years late to the party, I imagine someone has already illustrated Harry Potter and his friends as Peanuts characters.
• Hermione keeps pulling the golden snitch away as Harry tries to catch it.
• Harry’s owl dreams of fighting the Kaiser.
• I think if I were going to have a familiar, I’d want a dog. Maybe a dachshund.
• “Beware of Mr. Weenie, Scourge of Evildoers, Devourer of Souls, and Destroyer of Worlds!”
• Gnome tossing. Man, wizards are real dicks.
• Okay, we get that you’re poor, Ron, but your friend has known nothing but abuse and misery for the first 11 years of his life. You could make him sleep in the yard with a tent and he’d be elated.
• Speaking of which, why the hell don’t the Weasleys become his foster family? Maybe they do in a future book. I don’t know.
All in all, the books aren’t bad and are pretty engaging. I think Harry is quite a bit too passive and I think I like my wizards more like Harry Dresden, but overall it’s pretty good so far.

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