The TL:DR Bible: Genesis 40-41

Chapter 40:

Joe’s still in jail.

The king’s cupbearer and baker arrive in jail too. The cupbearer was basically the food and drink tester for the king, so maybe there was a plot to kill the king and the two men were implicated.

Anyway, they have dreams. Joe interprets the dreams. The baker will die, the cupbearer will live. Joe asks the cupbearer to plead his case to Pharaoh, but the cupbearer forgets him for two years.


Chapter 41: 

Pharaoh has a dream. Seven fat cows get eaten by seven gaunt cows. He has another dream: seven heads of grain get devoured by seven bad heads of grain.

No one can interpret the dream and this is sounding a lot like the book of Daniel… Hmm… anyway, the cupbearer suddenly remembers Joe. Yo, Joe!

Joe appears before the king and says, “You’re going to have seven years of good harvests followed by seven years of famine. You should probably have someone take charge of the harvests and store up grain for when you need it.”

And lo and behold, the king says, “Hey, prisoner I just met, how about you take charge and be the number 2 man in the kingdom! I’ll be on my yacht.”

Joe taxes Egypt at 20% and builds storehouses for the grain and foods.Remember that for later, guys. Joe taxed the people at 2o% to prepare for the famine.

Joe has two kids with an Egyptian woman.

And when the famine comes, Joe opens the grainaries and SELLS the food back to the Egyptians. Yeah… he taxed the people at 20% to prepare for the famine and now he’s selling the grain back to them for profit.

Remember how I said Joe was kind of a jerk? Yeah…he’s still kind of a jerk. But wait… it will get worse.






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