The First Prophet

The prophet spoke:

“What are your worship services to me?” says the Lord.

“I’ve heard enough songs. I’ve heard enough prayers. I don’t take pleasure in the sermons preached in my name. Who requires of it you to come to Me and dishonor My house? Just stop. Stop your worthless tithing. Stop the abominable worship songs. Cease the special services. I hate them. They are a burden to Me. You are trying my patience.”

“When you pray to me, I will not listen. Though you pray often, I will ignore you. Your hands are covered in blood.”

“Change. Stop doing evil. Learn to do what is right. Fight for justice. Rebuke the violent and unfeeling oppressor. Protect the forgotten and the oppressed! Plead their case.”

“Come, I am willing to listen to you. Though I see your sins clearly, they can be removed. Humble yourselves and obey and I will bless you. Refuse and your iniquity will destroy you!”

Thus said the prophet.

Until he angered the tyrant in power and he was placed in a hollow log and sawed in half.

And so it goes…


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