The Prophet that Cried

“Woe to those that build their fortunes without righteousness!

Woe unto those that build their wealth without justice!

Woe to those who defraud their employees, their brothers and refuse to pay them!

Who say, ‘I will fill my house with splendor and the best things.’

Did not your fathers eat and drink and do justice and righteousness?

It was well with them because they pled the cause of the afflicted and the needy.

Is that not what it means to know Me, says the Lord God?

But your eyes and your heart are only set on your own dishonest gain,

And on shedding innocent blood,

And on practicing oppression and extortion!”

No one listened to him, of course. So they lost everything they had gained and became outcasts and foreigners in a land far from their home. And the crying prophet was carried off as a prisoner into exile by his own people and died in Egypt.

And so it goes…


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