The TL:DR Bible: Job 3-7

 Chapter 3:

Job finally speaks:

“I wish I had never been born. Seriously, stillborn children and miscarried fetuses are luckier than me. At least they don’t understand the concept of pain and then I could have enjoyed the peace of the grave where kings and criminals are all at rest in the nothingness there. Why am I still alive? Seriously, I wish I were dead. Life is pain. Food is a burden. I will never know happiness again.”


Chapter 4:

Eliphaz speaks to Job:

“Can I talk to you, Job? You’ve helped many, let me help you. If you fear God and live righteously, you’ll have hope! Innocent people don’t suffer. No one can be pure before God, not even angels. He gives them performance reviews. You’re suffering for your sin.”


Chapter 5:

“People suffer for their sins. So, you know, seek God and be happy that he’s punishing you! God will deliver you.”


Chapter 6:

Job replies, “Seriously? God is the one who has done this to me. I wish God would listen to my entries and just kill me. But in all of this, I still haven’t said anything bad of Him, nor have I forsaken His ways. Seriously, what you just said was worthless, like a mirage in a desert. So show me, friend, where have I sinned? Show me my hidden sins and I’ll repent of them.”


Chapter 7:

“Man’s lot is cruel in life. A life of constant labor and then death. My days are worthless. I lie down, I wonder when I will rise again. I’m covered in running sores. I have nothing and I will not rise again. Life is short, empty, and painful. So I will not shut up about it. I’m going to spill my guts and shout my grief at the heavens.

I have no peace in waking, I have no peace in sleeping, for You, O Lord, plague me with nightmares, so that I would choose death. My life is short enough, can’t You just leave me alone? What am I to You? A speck of dust on this world. I wish You would stop noticing me. How have I sinned against You? What have I done that I deserve this from Your hand? Why won’t you forgive me for whatever I’ve done? I will be dead soon enough.”

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