The TL:DR Bible: Job 8-10

Chapter 8:

Bildad (Job’s other friend) said, “God is just, so you and your sons must have sinned against Him. Repent. Pray and seek God, man. Then God will restore you. Look at what the writings of our fathers say. God doesn’t let the evil prosper, nor does He afflict the righteous.”


Chapter 9:

Job said, “Okay, sure. But how can a man be right before God? If I wanted to argue my case before Him, will He answer? No. And if He were to pass by me, I can’t see Him. If He destroys me, who can say, “What are you doing?”

“If I were to call and He actually answered, I couldn’t believe that He would listen to me. He hurts me without cause. He is the powerful one, and though I am guiltless, He will declare me guilty. The wicked and the righteous both die suddenly; there is no difference between their ends. God mocks the despair of the innocent and the Earth belongs to the hand of the wicked. God must ordain it so, because if not Him, then who?”

“Now my days are quickly passing. I cannot even fake joy, because of all my misery, for I know that God will not acquit me, so why should I bother trying to appease Him? Even if I were to wash myself, He will still kill me.”

“I have no advocate with Him! There is no lawyer to please my case and make intercession with Him. If there were, I would speak and not be terrified of Him.”


Chapter 10:

“I hate my life. So I’m going to complain and vent to God. “Would you just TELL ME why? Is it right for you to reject me and favor the wicked? I’m not guilty. You know I’m not guilty and yet, I’m still suffering at Your hand! You made me and now You would destroy me? If I were evil, and I had done wrong, I could understand this, but I haven’t done ANYTHING! And yet you still seek my pain. Why did you bother to let me be born? I should have died in the womb. My life is a breath compared to You and You could not leave me alone for its short span? Leave me alone, so I can have some measure of comfort before I die and descend into nothingness. “

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