The TL:DR Bible: Job 11-14

Chapter 11

Job’s third friend Zophar speaks and he says the same as the previous two:

“I’m going to speak now because you’re wrong and you’re mocking God. I wish God would speak against you and tell you how you’ve failed. God is all powerful and can do anything, you should make your heart right with Him and then God will end your suffering and you will remember it no more. Oh, and the wicked will totally end up miserable and not immensely rich, powerful, and famous.”


Chapter 12:

Job says, “Well, aren’t you all smart. Hey, idiots, I’m your equal. Look around you. It’s a damn joke. The innocent man who calls on God is destroyed and crushed, while the wicked prosper and those who mock God are secure. Who do you think does that? God is sovereign, right? God brings calamity upon all men as He chooses.”


Chapter 13:

Job continues, “I’ve seen all this with my own eyes. I’m living it now. I would speak and argue with God, but you’re slandering me. You should all just shut up and let me still think you’re wise men.  Do you think you should be the ones contending and speaking for God? How do you think that’s going to go for you? Your “words of wisdom” are bullshit.

“I’m not mocking God. Even if God kills me, I’ll still hope in Him. But I’m still going to argue with Him, I have prepared my defense and I will be vindicated before Him. Just please remove Your hand from me and take away the dread I feel at the thought of seeing You and then call me and I will answer. Show me my sins! Why are you forsaking me? Why are you tormenting me?”


Chapter 14:

“You have appointed death for us. You have set a small limit for the number of our days, so why not turn your eyes from us and let us find a measure of rest while our brief lives endure? Trees have hope when they are cut down that they may grow again, but not us. When we die, we are gone forever. Send me to the grave until Your anger ends! Set a limit for this torment and remember me again! You destroy men’s hope and send him to the grave where he can no longer see what happens to his family.”


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