The TL:DR Bible: Job 15-19

Chapter 15:

Eliphaz speaks again:

“You’re full of hot air, Job. Your words condemn you and speak of your guilt. No one should talk to God like that.

“Are you smarter than us? We’re older. We’ve seen more than you have. Do you think anyone is pure enough for God? No, not even His angels. Seriously, He gives them quarterly performance reviews…

“I’ll tell you what I’ve seen. The wicked are in misery all of their days. They have no peace. They hunger. They live in anxiety, because they have forsaken God and challenged the Almighty. The wicked don’t become rich or prosperous. God consumes them quickly.”


Chapter 16:

Job replied, “Seriously, you guys are the worst comforters ever. Whether I speak or not, it does not matter. I’m still miserable. ‘Hey, Lord, you’ve consumed me. My enemies laugh and mock me. I was living in peace, but You have destroyed me. You’ve chosen me as your target and have shot me full of Your arrows, so I live in misery and deep agony.

“Let not the Earth cover my blood. Let it stand as my testimony! My advocate is in the heavens. I wish that I could plead with You as I could with my neighbor.”


Chapter 17:

“I am broken and ready for death. My friend mock my suffering. You have made me a curse among my people. I am weary with grief and waste away before You. I look only for the nothingness of the grave. There is no hope.”


Chapter 18:

Bildad speaks and pretty much says the same thing they’ve all said before, “Wicked people don’t prosper. They suffer in this life. Blah blah blah…”

I’m thinking Job’s friends lived in a very small bubble in life. The wicked prosper. Some of them go on to become president.


Chapter 19:

Job says, “You insult me. God has wronged me and trapped me in my pain. I cry out and there is no answer. I seek justice, but find no help. God has walled me in, stripped me of honor, and cast me down. He considers me His enemy and drives away friends and family. Even those slaves of mine that He didn’t kill regard me as a stranger now.

“And yet, I know that my Redeemer lives and that He will stand on the Earth. Even when I have died and my body is no more, I will see God. Attack me no more, for you will be in danger of judgment yourselves.”


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