The TL:DR Bible: Job 28-32

Chapter 28:

Job continues, “It’s really hard to find jewels and gold and silver. It’s even harder to find wisdom. God knows where wisdom is and He has told us that to fear the Lord is wisdom and to abstain from evil is understanding.


Chapter 29:

“My life was pretty great before God destroyed it. I had my children. I was wealthy. I was respected. I helped the poor, the orphans, and the widows. I fought for justice and broke the jaws of the unjust. I thought everything would continue as it was. People respected my counsel.”


Chapter 30:

“Kids these days mock me. Men worse off than me taunt me. I am a curse because God has destroyed me. He has pierced me with many arrows. The wicked profit from my destruction and no one stops them.

“Now my soul is poured out, I lie awake at night in fear and grief. God has cast me out into the garbage. I cry out to you, O Lord, but you refuse to speak! I beg for help, but you have set Your face against me. You are cruel to me and continue to persecute me. Did I not cry out to You for the needy and help them? Yet when I expected good, evil came upon me. Therefore I grieve and mourn.”


Chapter 31:

“Hell, I didn’t even lust after the young virgin girls like other old pervs. I expect God to judge the wicked. Haven’t you been watching me? If I’ve lied, let God judge me and know my integrity. If I’ve sinned, then yes, let me suffer. If I’ve committed adultery, punish me! If I’ve mistreated my slaves, call me to account. If I have afflicted the poor, let me suffer with hunger. If I am greedy, judge me! If I am vengeful, condemn me! If I have stolen land by deceit or force, then let me suffer.”


 Chapter 32:

Apparently, there is a fourth friend there named Elihu, but he is a young man and didn’t want to speak before his elders. But since Job is done justifying himself and the three friends are speechless and cannot answer Job, Elihu gets up and says, “Hey, I was keeping quiet because you guys are old and are supposed to be wise, but none of you can answer Job, so I’m going to talk now, okay?”

And we’ll cover Elihu’s speech tomorrow.


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