The TL:DR Bible: Proverbs 12

Still sick, so a short post today.

Chapter 12:

  • Wise people can take correction. Idiots cannot.
  • More stuff about how God will bless the righteous and curse the wicked. I always like to check in with our good friend Job about these passages. What do you say, Job? Job: WRONG!
  • A good wife will make you happy. A bad wife will make you sad.
  • The righteous man cares for his animals too. The wicked lacks all compassion.
  • The wicked desires the booty of evil men. Not the righteous. The righteous only wants the booties of good men and women.
  • If you work as a farmer, you’ll have bread. If you work as a philosopher, you’ll still have bread, but you’ll have to cover an extra shift at Starbucks.
  • It’s better to be unknown and own another human being, than it is to be proud and not have any food.
  • Stupid people get angry and smash things. Wise people let that anger fester.
  • If you speak truth, you are telling the truth. If you speak lies, you are telling lies. Thanks, Captain Obvious!
  • Your words can be hurtful or healing. Choose wisely.
  • God hates liars and cheats. Be honest in your words and business.
  • IF you’re lazy, you will probably end up as a slave.
  • Anxiety sucks.

You know, I really am starting to get the impression that maybe everyone was just humoring Solomon about how wise he was because the alternative involved pissing him off and being decapitated.

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