The TL:DR Bible: Ecclesiastes 4-6

Chapter 4:

So I looked around and saw all of the evil and injustice in the world. I heard the cries of the oppressed and saw that no one cared or was able to comfort them. So I envied the dead who are at peace. Better yet, it’s better that we were never born, so we wouldn’t have seen the evil in this world.

Competition is empty and pointless.

I watched a man without a family. He worked hard to acquire wealth and goods and never stopped to enjoy them. He never asked himself why he was getting all of this money when he never stopped working to spend a little. His life is empty.

It’s better to have a good friend than to be alone. If you’re alone, no one will help you. If you have a good friend, if one of you is in the trouble, the other can lend a hand.

Governments come and go. Trusting in politics is empty and pointless.


Chapter 5:

Be careful around God. Don’t offer pointless worship. Don’t speak hastily and make a vow you don’t intend to fulfill. If you make a vow, fulfill it.

If you see oppression and injustice, don’t be shocked at it. Chances are good politicians are covering one another’s asses to cultivate this result.

Money is emptiness. You’re going to leave this world without it.

Eat, drink, and try to enjoy your work for as long as you’ve got. If you have money, enjoy it. At least being rich might distract you from the impending inevitable death coming for you.


Chapter 6:

So I’ve seen a man acquire much wealth, but he never got to enjoy it because it was plundered by a foreign invader. This is a great evil in life.

If a man has 100 sons, but none of them care enough to honor him with a proper burial, it would be better if he had never been born.

We work to feed ourselves, but we are never full. What good is life?

We’re going to die, so what’s the fucking point?


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