The TL:DR Bible: Isaiah 21-23

Chapter 21:

God is going to judge Babylon for her oppression and wickedness. Edom will look for deliverance, but find none, and the Bedouin tribes will be slaughtered within a year.


Chapter 22:

Everyone will be afraid in the city of Jerusalem. God has appointed a day of wrath and judgment, to tear down the walls and overthrow the city. God would have relented had the people repented and showed sorrow, but they continued to eat and drink, so they will die.

Also, God is really pissed off at this guy Shebna and promises to remove him from his office and replace him with a better guy.

Not all prophesies are about world changing events, I guess.


Chapter 23:

Sidon and Tyre will be sacked and be forgotten for seventy years. From what we know of secular history, this didn’t actually happen. Tyre was besieged by Nebuchadnezzar II for 13 years until they agreed to pay him tribute.

The city of Tyre itself was sacked by Alexander the Great some 250 years later, but was not utterly destroyed and it was taken by Antigonus 16 years later. They city of Tyre remains to this day.


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