The TL:DR Bible: Isaiah 48-50

Chapter 48:

God says, “Alright, everyone listen up. You guys in Judah who are supposed to be my people but are kind of jerks. I predicted the future and made it happen so you couldn’t say your gods did it, but you still don’t listen. Your fathers were rebels and so are you. Now I’ve been super nice to you guys and haven’t brought any plagues of vipers or incinerated any of you lately, because I want everyone to know about Me and how great I am.“

“So everyone will gather together again and I’m totally going to crush Babylon. I know I sent you there, but it was only because you guys make me so mad sometimes. But I really love you, Baby.  If only you guys would just do what I ask, I wouldn’t get so mad. But, uh, everyone go back to Judah when Babylon falls.”


Chapter 49:

“Hey, guys, Messiah here. God will protect me and has given me a sword. I’m going to do a work that will seemingly be in vain, but God will grant me justice and a great reward. I’m not only going to bring Israel back to the Lord, but all nations. Though I was despised, the nations will bow before me.”

God said, “I’ve answered you in a time of my own choosing. I will keep you and you will go and give a covenant to the people. You will free the captives and deliver those in darkness. You will feed them, provide for them, and bring them that thirst to water. Nations will gather to celebrate the redemption of Israel.”

Israel: “But God has forsaken us.”

God: “I can’t forget you guys. I see everything and am reminded of you. I will bless you abundantly. The other nations will bow down before you. I will make sure of it.”


Chapter 50:

God: Look, guys, I sent you away because you made me angry with your idols and sex orgies and stuff. But I can deliver you again. Why isn’t anyone coming to me?

Then Israel or Isaiah or the Messiah speaks again, “God has given me a mouth full of good words to bring comfort. God sustains me and gives me the power to listen and discern. I was not disobedient to him. I submitted to those that hurt me and wished to humiliate me. God helps me, so I am not ashamed. God’s vindication of me is near and no one can oppose his judgments. Trust in the Lord, and those who start fires will be burned with fire.”



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