The TL:DR Bible: Isaiah 57-59

Next follows three chapters that should probably be read in every American church until we start changing our ways.


Chapter 57:

Good men die and no one cares. Evil men kill the good.

“Hey, you bastards, why are you mocking? You’re bastards and liars who murder children and worship gods of your own making. Do you really think you’ll get away with it? I’ve seen it all. You’re going to cry for deliverance from the calamity I bring, but your gods and your own hands cannot save you. I will leave you desolate.”

“Remove the roadblocks so my people can journey home. I live forever with the humble, the poor, and the lightly esteemed. I will not be angry forever or all mankind would perish. I was angry at your sins and your unjust accumulation of wealth, so I struck my people. He left me, but I will heal him, restore him, and comfort him. But there will be no peace for the wicked.”


Chapter 58:

“Cry out and shout loudly! Declare the sins to my people. They seek me. They cry out, ‘We’ve fasted and humbled ourselves, but you don’t pay attention.’”

“Tell them that I see that on the day they fast and hold their religious ceremonies, I see them oppress the working man. Do I require fasting of you like this? Is not the better religious observance to free the oppressed, to lighten the load of the laborer, to set the afflicted man free and break the yoke of slavery? Is it not to share your goods with the hungry, to invite the homeless man into your house, to give him your coat when you see him without one?”

“Then your light will shine like the dawn and your recovery will be speedy. And I will be your God and you will be my people! All will be restored once again.”

“If you keep the Sabbath in spirit and in truth, you will be blessed abundantly.”


Chapter 59:

God could save us, but your sins are impeding that deliverance. Your hands are full of the blood of the innocent.  Your mouth is full of lies. Your works are iniquity and violence. You run to shed the blood of the innocent man. You do not know peace and you do not know justice.

“Therefore, justice is far from us and we yearn for good things, but evil befalls us. We stumble in the darkness as blind men. Our sins are always before you. You have seen and it displeased you that there was no justice in the land. You have seen us and found no one to be a mediator between you and us. So your own hand brings salvation. So you put on justice, salvation, and vengeance and you will repay every man according to his deeds. So all men will see that a redeemer comes to Zion.”

“This is my covenant with you,” says the Lord. “I will put my Spirit upon you and you and your descendants will know my words forever.”


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