The TL:DR Bible: Jeremiah 46-52

Chapter 46:

God is going to use Babylon to destroy Egypt and the Egyptians will serve Nebuchadnezzar. Israel will be punished again, but God promises to leave some of them alive.


Chapter 47:

God is going to destroy the Philistines with Babylon…


Chapter 48:

God is going to destroy Moab with Babylon for her pride and her mocking of Israel’s plight, and He lays a curse on anyone who doesn’t kill enough Moabites. Charming.


Chapter 49:

God is going to destroy Ammon for her pride, but eventually, He’ll relent and let them prosper again.  Also, God is going to destroy Edom with Babylon for their pride. God will destroy Damascus and Kedar and Hazor and Elam, but God promises to eventually restore Elam which would be southern Iran… I mean, I guess they have oil now, so… I don’t know… win?


Chapter 50:

This book has to end soon, right?

God is going to destroy Babylon and set Israel free. Even though God used Babylon to destroy all these other places… okay. I think I’ve said it before, but your best bet in antiquity was to stay under God or the gods radar and be pious enough that you didn’t cheese them off but not be so good or so evil that they notice you and decide to use you for their purposes.

God says that Babylon will be deserted forever, but people lived there for another 800 years or so after the Persians conquered it, and the city was even the seat of an Eastern Orthodox bishopric until the Islamic invasion of the region.


Chapter 51:

God: I’m going to punish you for all the things I made you do to my people Israel.


Chapter 52:

A retelling of the fall of Jerusalem and Zedekiah’s punishment at the hands of Nebuchadnezzar, and how Nebuchadnezzar’s son had compassion on King Jehoiachin and released him from captivity and gave him a place in the king’s palace until he died in Babylon.


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