The TL:DR Bible: Ezekiel 10-12

Chapter 10:

Zeke continues to see stuff. This time, he sees a sapphire stone sitting above the cherubim in the Temple and it says to one of the angels from the last chapter to grab some hot coals from under a whirling wheel and throw them over the city.

And Zeke sees the glory of God hovering above the temple. And the wings of the cherubim thunder as they fly.

So the  angel stands next to one of the spinning wheels and the cherub it’s attached to reaches into it and pulls out some hot coals and hands it to the angel in linen. Then the angel leaves the Temple.

Then Zeke describes the cherubim again: four faces, this time, the face of an angel, the face of a man, the face of an eagle, and the face of a lion, with four wings, and four hands peeking out from each wing, and wheels attached to their base with wheels within wheels and all of the wheels (or cherubim) are covered with eyes.

Then the glory of God leaves the Temple.


Chapter 11:

God takes Zeke to the east gate of the Temple where there were 25 elders sitting around. God says to Zeke, “There are the jerks who keep leading people astray with their advice.”

So Zeke pronounces judgment upon them for their violent ways and pronounces doom upon Jerusalem. Then God kills one of the elders, and Zeke says, “Are you going to kill all of the Jews?”

“No, I’ll bring the Jews home after I destroy this city and then they will abandon idols and follow me and me alone. But the idolaters will be judged.”

Then God and the cherubim leave the city, and God drops Zeke back off in Babylon where he tells everyone what he saw.


Chapter 12:

“Hey, Zeke. Pack your bags and carry them outside.”

“Am I going on a trip?”

“Object lesson. Then dig through your wall at night and let everyone see you crawl through the hole in your wall with your luggage. And when they ask you what you’re doing, say, “God says that the people of Jerusalem are going into exile and the king will try to flee through the walls with their luggage, but get caught and carried off to here, but he won’t see the land.”

“Okay… anything else?”

“Yeah… try to look really frightened when you eat and drink and then tell the people it’s because the people of Jerusalem will soon be really afraid of running out of food and water.”

“Okay… work on ‘scared face’. Got it. What else?”

“Uh… I hear a couple of proverbs being spoken that I don’t like. Tell everyone to knock that crap off and I’ll get to making my predictions happen really soon.”


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