The TL:DR Bible: Ezekiel 45-48

Chapter 45:

God’s promised to bring Israel back to the land, and so he asks for an allotment of about 500 km2 to give to the Temple and the priests to live on, plus another 250 km2 for the Levites who work in the Temple. Seems like a lot of land.

God wants some more land given to the princes of Israel to live on and calls on them to stop being assholes.

God tells them what a shekel should be worth. And tells the princes of Israel how much they should offer as a sacrifice to Him

God demands that Israel start holding the Passover again.

God: “Well, maybe if you remember how many Egyptians I supposedly killed, you’d take my prophets more seriously when they told you I was going to kill you too.”


Chapter 46:

God goes over some more ways that everyone is supposed to kill an animal to make him happy, then tells the princes that any inheritance they give their kids can only come from their own possessions and any lands they may currently own that they bought from another Jew have to return to that Jew in the seventh year.

God then shows Zeke where the priests will cook their meals, I mean… God’s offerings. It’s walled off because God couldn’t take letting the ‘holy’ meats and breads even be in the same room with the commoners.


Chapter 47:

God shows Zeke a creek that flows from the temple until it becomes a large and deep river and goes down to the Dead Sea (?) and makes that body of water a fresh water lake with fish.

God tells Zeke how to divide up the land again to each of the tribes and graciously lets any foreigners staying with the Jews have a parcel of land.


Chapter 48:

More land assessment and surveying. God says Jerusalem should have 12 gates and be a perfect square city with sides measured 4.5 km.

You know, Ezekiel started out so great with four winged four faced lion, eagle, ox, men angels with sweet rides, it’s kind of a letdown to end on this stuff.

Oh well. Tomorrow, it’s Daniel! The book my old church probably spent the second greatest amount of time in after Revelation. So, that should be fun. And then we just have the minor prophets and our journey through the Old Testament will be done.


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