The TL:DR Bible: Micah

Chapter 1:

Everyone be sad because God is coming to destroy Israel and Judah.


Chapter 2:

God is angry at the man who takes people’s homes and exploits the poor and will judge.


Chapter 3:

God is angry at the corrupt leaders of the people who fleece them and see them as grist for the mill.

He’s also angry at the false prophets who are only in it for the money.

But Micah claims, he is a real prophet and he is predicting the destruction of Jerusalem.


Chapter 4:

God will establish a peaceful kingdom with no war where the outcasts and disabled are healed. Israel will return from Babylon and destroy many nations.


Chapter 5:

A king will be born in Bethlehem who will rise up and shepherd the people. Israel will conquer many nations, and God will destroy everything in Israel that used to bother him, like idols, horses, fake psychics, and chariots. I think God is still a little bitter about not being able to beat the Canaanites because of their iron chariots (Judges 1:19).

Well… at least that last part was something new.


Chapter 6:

God would like to know what he did wrong to justify the Israelites acting like jerks. He calls them to do justice, to love mercy, and to be humble.  He’s angry at the corrupt and deceptive business practices, so he promises to strike the people with a plague, famine, and war.


Chapter 7:

Micah: My life sucks. There’s no one good in this place. Everyone is corrupt. Don’t trust your neighbors or friends. They lie. Don’t trust your family. They will turn against you. But I’m waiting for God to act.  I will rise when God lifts me up.

Israel will rise and the Assyrians and Egyptians will come to her. The Earth will be destroyed because of the actions of its inhabitants.

Micah calls upon God to be their shepherd and lead them and judge the nations.


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