An Infidel Reads the Quran: Surah 30: The Romans

So the Romans lost a battle, but they’ll win another battle later on… maybe… who the hell knows? Only God, right? And he’ll do whatever he wants.

So why do we need to do anything then?

God created everything for a reason and that apparent reason is that you suck up to him down here and you get your own nice garden up in heaven when you die while everyone else goes to hell.

Haven’t they travelled the Earth and seen what happens to evildoers? They get rich? They become President?

But no, despite all of the evidence to the contrary, Mohammed says that the evil will face destruction and God will cast them into hell.

Oh, and Mohammed offers from proofs for God’s existence, specifically:

  • You thought it was just something annoying that settled and made you have to dust your house, but no, it’s somehow a proof of God.
  • Wives
  • Race, ethnicity, and different languages, because humanity is well known for celebrating differences.
  • Sleep
  • Lightning and rain.
  • And the ability to stop everything in the universe with a word.

I don’t think Mohammed knows what the word “proof” actually means.

We’re all Allah’s slaves, so don’t expect to get all of the good things in life.

Be monotheists, because it’s just natural for all of humanity which is why every ancient tribe or undiscovered tribe we’ve encountered had pantheons of gods.

The omniscient God of the universe seems surprised that making life easier for people makes them happy and making life really shitty makes them upset.

So be honest in business and be kind to the poor.

Don’t charge interest on loans.

Wind is proof of God.

Yeah, Mohammed does not understand what “Proof” means.

Even if I sent a wind and made everything yellow, you stupid humans still wouldn’t believe.

But God also somehow makes us all not believe and then casts us all into hell because we don’t believe.

Which makes God the bad guy in the story, but Mohammed doesn’t see that.

Maybe he was still pissed off about that She-Camel.


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