An Infidel Reads the Quran: Surah 34: Sheba

When they say, “Judgment Day isn’t coming” you say, “Yes it is!”

That’ll show ‘em.

If people disbelieve Mohammed, then God can make the earth swallow them up or make pieces of the sky fall down and smush them as a sign to the faithful.

God could do that, but he doesn’t… for reasons, of course… very good reasons… what reasons? Shut up.

So God told the birds and hills to sing with David and he made iron soft for David, so David could advance Israel to the Iron Age.

And then God had demons work for Solomon as builders and craftsman, until some of them objected to that and got tossed into hell, and then Solomon died.

Then in Sheba, there were two awesome gardens, but God didn’t like that they didn’t say, “Thank you” to him enough, so he flooded their lands and ruined their gardens.

Would God penalize any but the ungrateful?

Looks around at the state of the world… Yes. Yes, He would.

Once again, Mohammed asks us to call upon all of the extra gods we made up and see if they can help us and once again, I would say, go ahead and call on your god too and see if he’ll help you. Judging from how things are going in Yemen, Syria, Libya, Indonesia, Burma, and a host of other places in the world, I’d say God isn’t being very helpful to his followers either.

Maybe because God doesn’t exist.

Oh, but Mohammed says, God only answers prayer when He wants to.

Which is to say that you can’t prove a damn thing about God’s existence with prayer. If the results are completely random or mostly negative, it doesn’t prove anything about God’s existence.

Mohammed falls back on Pascal’s Wager, which also isn’t a proof, because the Christians also use Pascal’s Wager and the exclusivity of their religion and if they’re right, then I can live my entire life as a devout and devoted Muslim and still end up in hell because I chose the wrong faith.

Life’s blessings seem pretty random, but God.

Mohammed’s favorite revenge porn fantasy… and more Pascal’s Wager apologetics…

And that’s it for Surah 34.


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