An Infidel Reads the Quran: Surah 40: Forgiver

God is the ultimate tyrant. He sent down this book. If you have questions or argue about this book, you’re not a real believer.

People didn’t listen to Noah, so God slaughtered them mercilessly and He seems quite happy about it several thousand years later. (Even though a worldwide flood did not happen.)

God is going to send you all to hell for not believing in the right religion.

God, being self-sufficient, also likes to surround himself with hype men who sing his praises and they ask him to be kind to the people who do believe in the right religion and to let them in to the really nice garden.

God really hates people who don’t believe in the right religion.

God is the ultimate tyrant who will decide who gets what. And somehow Mohammed thinks eternal fire is a just punishment for unbelief.

Hey, it’s the Moses story again and he doesn’t get that right. Pharaoh killed all of the Hebrew baby boys before Moses challenged him, not afterwards.

Then Mohammed invents a dialog between Pharaoh and a newly converted Egyptian Muslim (back in the day of Moses, mind you) who tells Pharaoh and Egypt that they need to listen to Moses and convert to Islam too or God is going to fuck them up big time. And Pharaoh wants to build a giant tower to go have a talk with God to see if Moses is telling the truth.

But the new Muslim tells his people to follow him because, and I quote, “the life of this world is nothing but fleeting enjoyment, but the Hereafter is the Home of Permanence.”

Yeah… this life isn’t important. This world isn’t important. All that matters is after death.

This bothers the hell out of me because I grew up with that worldview in fundamentalist Christianity. This world was just a practice run or a test. The only thing that mattered is making sure you have your eternity settled. Never mind trying to make the world a better place or trying to solve the structural injustices and oppression of this world, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is believing in the right religion.

This is not a healthy world view.

So Mohammed continues to imagine his naysayers and enemies writhing in eternal fire begging the keepers of hell to give them a day where they suffer less, but HAHAHAHAHA… no. Burn, you heathen devils, burn!

God is merciful.

So everyone be patient. Sure right now things seem to suck, but he have a heavenly garden awaiting us.

And Mohammed rounds out the surah with some more “proofs” of God’s existence, like food and food brought on ships.


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