He watches…

We tell our children that monsters don’t exist, but we lie.

In a town, he waits.

He is unassuming. You would not notice him if you passed him on the street. You do not notice him as he sits behind you in your college class or churches. You don’t notice him at the Wal-mart. Maybe you ride the bus or the subway together. You don’t notice him. He never seems to notice you.

Or maybe you do. Maybe you smile at him one morning. He smiles back or nods his head and you move on.  Maybe you notice him staring at you and he makes you uncomfortable. But you have dealt with creeps before. You forget him after you step off the bus and arrive at work or the store.

He waits.

He walks past the school where you drop your children off every weekday morning. He walks by your child’s high school.

And he waits.

Maybe he went to that high school. Maybe he was bullied. Maybe he bullied others. Maybe he walked through the halls like a ghost, never seen, never noticed. Maybe he had friends who cared for him.

But he waited. And he seethed.

And now he walks by the school every morning. He seethes.

The laughing and the smiling faces of your children make him angry. He watches you hug them and kiss them on the cheek and he seethes.

And he waits.

The anger and the pain fester.

He waits. Unknown. Unseen.

But he sees you.

And he waits.

He waits until the anger and pain rage within and he wants to share his anger and pain with the world.

With you.

With your children.

He stops waiting.

He walks to your child’s school.

He brings his guns.

We continue to pretend that monsters don’t exist.


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