An Infidel Reads the Quran: Surah 66: Prohibition

God starts off by asking Mohammed why he isn’t having sexy time with his wives.

Then “God” tells Mohammed’s wives that Mohammed is pretty upset about one of his wives running around blabbing stuff he told her in confidence and tells all of them to repent, but if they don’t and they all get together and get uppity, then God and Gabriel will get them in a cage match, and Mohammed will divorce them and get better, hotter, younger wives who listen to him and don’t get all talky and think they have human rights.

He goes into his usual default telling people to repent and follow him or else.

Then he goes back to the topic of wives and mentions how Lot’s wife and Noah’s wife were evil and betrayed their men. Not sure where he got Noah’s wife from or why looking back at a city exploding counts as betrayal, but let’s move on.

But apparently Pharaoh’s wife converted to Islam, so yea, her, I guess.

And Mohammed still thinks Mary the mother of Jesus is also Miriam the sister of Aaron and Moses.


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