Diatribe 1


God, I’m tired.

I’m also angry, but most of you know that.

And I’m profoundly sad.

See, I was raised as an evangelical. I was taught to love God and love Jesus and love the bible, and I did love God, love Jesus, and love the bible. I wanted to devote my entire life to God, Jesus, and the bible. I wanted to teach others about them. I believed the bible.

And even when I started to drift away from evangelicalism, I still loved God, Jesus, and the bible. I just read the latter a little bit differently.

If you look at the red letter stuff, there is some really good things in there: Don’t hoard possessions. Don’t resist evil with evil. Love your enemies. Do what is right. Seek God’s Kingdom and his justice and your needs will be provided. Never be afraid to give up your life for what is right. The last will be first. The poor will inherit the Kingdom while it would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven. My kingdom is not of this world. Men seek power to dominate one another, but with you it will not be so.

But it is so. Just a few hundred years after its inception, Christianity had popes and emperors lording power over the laity. Matters of justice were forgotten.

And while we’ve had a reformation and schisms and religious wars, I’ve always held out hope that maybe those words in red letters would win out and produce a church that was humble, serving, dedicated to justice for the oppressed and forgotten.

But instead we have men like Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell, Jr., and Pat Robertson there. Men who protect the powerful who are oppressing the people. Men who have traded morals and ethics for power. And 81% of the Evangelical church agrees with them.

They wallow in Trump’s cruelty. They laugh at his degradation of women and minorities. They excuse his moral violations. They overlook the injustices. They chant “Lock ‘em up!” And most of them dismiss taking children from their parents and putting them in cages. And they somehow claim that this is the will of God as if no one else has ever read the bible and can recognize that all of this shit is 180 degrees from the red letters.

Now here is Pat Robertson telling us that money is more important than doing what’s right.

So I have a question for you, Evangelical Christians:

How the fuck do you expect us to believe your religion, when you don’t even believe it yourself?

I know, the usual spiel is to look at Christ, not the Christians, but you have to know that’s bullshit, right? If 81% of your members look at the profane, misogynistic, xenophobic, immoral Trump and say, “That’s my guy! Build the wall! Lock them up!” That tells me a lot about your Christ. Or at least your view of Christ.

And if 81% of you can get your religion so wrong, what the hell good is it?

You know, if you were atheists, it would be one thing. You’d still be bad people, but at least you wouldn’t be blatant hypocrites.

But story after story in the Christian media fawns over this man, this opposite of Christ (you might say anti-Christ) and you expect me to take your religion seriously when you’re doing and supporting the exact opposite?

No, sorry. Doesn’t work that way.

So I am left with the conclusion that you really don’t believe in your religion. You can’t possibly believe in a God who continually tells you to treat the aliens and strangers with kindness and support a man who takes kids from their parents and puts them in cages or puts a two year-old child through immigration court.

You can’t possibly believe in a God who says “if you’ve done it to the least of these, you’ve done it to me” and then continually send a pack of rabid jackals to make the lives of the poor worse.

You can’t possibly believe that a God who will judge the living and the dead, a God who was wrongfully put to death by the State according to the bible, will listen to you say, “Yeah, but what about the money we were making selling arms?” and not condemn your inaction in the face of another man wrongfully murdered by the State,.

So if you can’t even believe your own shit, why should the rest of us?

To the 19% of you out there that maybe actually do believe your religion, good on you. Well done. Maybe you can convince the rest of your tribe to stop being unbelievers.

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