KC: Evil is dumb… but also has a good point

IN MANY ways, Rayford decided, what had become known as the Cendrillon Jospin tragedy became a catalyst for good.

In many ways, Rayford is a sociopath.

I say this because Cendrillon Jospin is not dead. She is conscious and she is being tormented by fire and worms in the hell that God sent her to. And Rayford thinks this has created some ‘good’ because people suddenly realize that they need to get serious with God.

So to learn that Cendrillon was only the first of many to die at age one hundred—and such deaths began the day after her funeral—spread alarm through Eden. If in the very capital of the world, where Jesus Himself ruled from the throne through David and where the greatest outreach to children was headquartered, there could be hundreds—yea, thousands—dying lost, what did that say about the rest of the world?

That Christians are still pretty shitty about caring for and loving others even in paradise? That Jesus is content to sit on his throne in Jerusalem instead of travelling the world, teaching, preaching, seeking and saving those who are lost? That God decided He’d rather hang with the 99 sheep than go and find the lost one?

All of this speaks very poorly about God and paradise.

If they don’t know, why isn’t He out there? If He’s not leading, where is He?

But Rayford realizes that he needs to go and be a missionary to the world now. You know… AFTER people are dying and going to hell.

“And Irene—how does she feel about all this?”

Um… didn’t Rayford have another wife? What happened to her? Did she use death as an excuse to get the hell away from him?

Rayford decides to walk the Earth and tell others about Jesus.

Meanwhile, the young God Squad decides to form a Millennium Force.

Attorneys from Lucasarts are on line two, Pastor LaHaye.

“Ignace and Lothair Jospin are deep into the Other Light,” he reported, “but the underground nightclubs in Paris and elsewhere are merely a front. They are frequently raided and revelers arrested and imprisoned. Those who commit actual crimes have been known to be put to death by lightning, God dealing with them immediately as He did to Ananias and Sapphira of old.”

Okay, so God has the time to murder people by lightning, but not the time to seek and save that which is lost…

God is an asshole.

The Other Light is, in essence, a secret society within our own. It is spreading worldwide, largely through computer technology and encrypted messages. The bushy-haired one, Ignace, and the redhead, Lothair, are slowly bringing me into their confidences.

Okay, so we finally learn about The Other Light. It’s a secret organization whose plan is to… die for ten generations and then storm Jesus’ castle at the end of the Millennium. Because they know they can’t attack during the Millennium… but if they attack at the end of the Millennium, then they can do it…

Yeah, it makes no fucking sense.  Why not attack now? Why wait for God’s timetable? Why do the devil and the antichrist and all of these non-Christians who know the prophesies go along with the prophesies?

I mean, let’s think about this.

If I were living in this world and I thought that maybe Jesus Christ was an uncaring tyrant who had his opposition tortured for all eternity, and I decided to fight back, the first thing I would want to know if it was even possible to kill a dead Christian. One of those in glorified bodies. Maybe arrange an accident. Piece of stone breaks off a building falls on them.  Shoot them. Do the bullets pass through or bounce off?

If you can’t kill His dead army, there’s no way you’re going to be able to kill Him.

All of this is to say, that no one in this book behaves like an actual human being.

Who comes up with a plan to die and go to hell so that someone hundreds of years later might be able to overthrow the government?

Apparently, these idiots.

these people already know who Jesus is.

The one killing them and sending them to eternal torment.

They don’t doubt His deity. They don’t like it. They oppose it. That their comrades are dying at one hundred only convinces them of the rightness of their cause.

Well… yeah, they kind of have a point. Why do you like the idea of your fellow man being tortured forever, Raymie? Maybe you should have a talk with Jesus. Raise an objection to live conscious torture.

I mean, seriously, if this were any other regime, I would really like to think that Christians would object to the dictator imprisoning and torturing people. I mean, fuck, maybe they wouldn’t. Maybe they’d be happy if Trump arrested and waterboarded Hillary every day until she died.

I’d like to think they’d object.

But the Young God Squad decides to try and stop The Other Light because if they didn’t, I guess we could skip to the final chapter of this book and we haven’t suffered enough yet. Kenny wants some backup and there’s some useless bantering about whether or not the person suggested to be Kenny’s partner is a Real, True Christian.  Because you know how all those non-Christians are evil, right?

Meanwhile, Rayford meets with Bruce Barnes and some other guy and they catch up. Irene says she’s all caught up now, so she turns them over to Rayford and seriously… what the hell happened to Amanda?

Is she locked in the attic? Amanda, tap three times with your heel if you need help.

Bruce, who had been the first martyr from the Tribulation Force, told of his experiences in heaven, many of which naturally coincided with Irene’s and Raymie’s, though from his unique perspective. And since he and Rayford had briefly greeted each other after the sheep-and-goats judgment in the Valley of Jehoshaphat nearly a hundred years before? “I was immediately assigned to Africa, serving on a development team. It’s as rewarding a task as I’ve ever enjoyed. I worked myself to a state of refreshed exhaustion every day, if you know what I mean.

So we still get tired in our glorified bodies? Really? We don’t get perfect Jesus bodies? We just have eternal youth, but otherwise it’s just a normal human body?

But this “happy” reunion is interrupted by the arrival of a Jewish priest.


1 thought on “KC: Evil is dumb… but also has a good point

  1. spiritplumber

    I already posted the various fix fics for this stuff, but here they are again 🙂

    Since there’s nothing wrong with the body (people just “die of unbelief” according to Jenkins), Cendrillon’s death spurs the development of metabolic extension technology. Happily enough, this is something that we could build today, but since technology in the Millennium is stuck at 1990s levels, it take longer for TOL to put together something that works well.

    By Millennial Year 900, TOL agents who are zapped by lightning simply get back up only a little worse for wear thanks to a lightning rod implant.


    And, of course, the roleplaying game: http://emlia.org/pmwiki/pub/web/LeftBeyond.LeftBeyond.html

    A playthrough can be found at http://www.f3.to/omega/



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